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Birth of Berta

My very first (very amateur) conception of Berta which included the idea of making her ‘eyebrows’ from the ‘V’ and her legs from the ‘W’ of VerbWise


Birth of Berta



A Big Thank You To…

Ryan & Amy – Two young and talented film makers studying at Newcastle College who helped me to make the video for this project (

Richard from County Print – A fantastic family run printing business established over 35 years, who stand out head and shoulders above all the other local printers that I approached to help with my project (

Bricel – A graphic designer based on the beautiful island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean who has provided the graphic design work required to translate Verbwise from concept to reality (

Amany – An IT support expert who also runs a language learning group (Be Serious & Learn Language).

Sony – and my Xperia L! All the photos for this project were taken using this phone (except the one below…). I used this phone to create the Verbwise Facebook page and wrote many of the early lessons using just this phone!



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