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Crafting the first cards by hand



Risks and challenges

Nothing in life comes without risks & challenges but hey that’s what life’s all about! All the groundwork of the Verbwise cards is completed – designs, layout, etc. I have called upon my background as a Molecular Biologist, having worked in environments where risk analysis is a requirement, to analyze all the major risks that I can envisage.

Risks of problems with printing & distribution: I am working closely with a small, well-established (over 35 years) local family run printing business. I tried a few alternative printers before I settled on these guys and as you can see from their website they are very professional and come highly recommended. Richard Bertram, grandson of founder Harry Bertram, has been very generous with his time in order to discuss and fully understand the project. Richard is a ‘can do guy’, this together with a ‘behind the scenes’ insight into County Print and along with many examples of their previous work has left very confident in their ability to provide and meet all my printing needs as well support with distribution. I am very happy to have found such a great printers on my doorstep in the North East of England!

Risk of Quality Control (QC) issues: In my career as a Molecular Biologist (over 20 years) I have constantly worked in environments that require working to high QC standards. I am familiar with the concepts behind QC standards and how they are best achieved, maintained and sometimes exceeded. For Verbwise I see the QC objectives are fairly simple: to deliver the right reward(s) to the right person in a timely manner. Hopefully everything will go smoothly but just in case I have set aside some time and built in some financial leeway to the project to cope with the unforeseen.

Lastly but not least, I am not in the process of completing any other projects. My project does not require approval or premarket review from an outside company or agency before I can distribute rewards.
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